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Whole of Syria Child Protection Workshop Outcome Report - Beirut, 12-13 October 2016


This was the first Child Protection (CP) sector workshop in a Whole of Syria (WOS) format. The purpose of the workshop was twofold:

i) To stimulate a facilitated reflection on the performance of the sector so far, lessons learned, challenges and priorities moving forward.

ii) To provide an opportunity for the sub-cluster/sector actors to meet in a WOS format to discuss the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) priorities and agree on a common results framework.

The desired outcomes of the workshop included:

i) Stocktaking document with key lessons learned, challenges and priorities moving forward

ii) Endorsed 2016 HRP CP results framework

iii) Commitment to submit CP specific project sheets for the HRP

iv) Agreed criteria for the vetting of 2016 HRP CP projects

v) Agreed actions for harmonizing 4Ws in 2016 across hubs in line with the HRP CP results framework

Most of the desired outcomes were achieved. However, given the limited and uneven representation of CP field based partners across the three operational hubs, the outcomes of this workshop will need to be further discussed at hub level, under the leadership of the hub CP coordinators, in order to ensure wider buy-in and alignment to the decisions taken at the workshop. The workshop was an initiative of the CP coordination team (WOS and hubs coordinators) with support from the Global Child Protection Working Group (CPWG).  

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United Nations Children's Fund
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31 Dec 2016
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Workshop Report