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Whole of Syria: Child Protection Area of Responsibility - June 2016

There are over 50 child protection organisations working to provide services to children, their families and communities across Syria to support them cope with the impact of the conflict. The Child Protection AOR’s work is driven by two operational priorities: i) stepping up the scale, diversity and quality of child protection programming at the community level in order to address some of key issues such as child recruitment and child labour; and ii) reaching the most vulnerable children in hard-to-reach and besieged locations with a basic package of child protection services. More specifically the focus is on: expanding community-based child protection interventions, including psychosocial support; providing child protection specialized services, such as case management and more systematic investment in capacity building of the child protection workforce. Advocacy and evidence generation underpin these initiatives. 

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United Nations Children's Fund
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30 Jun 2016
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