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2017 Humanitarian Needs Overview for the Syrian Arab Republic - Summary [EN/AR]

Humanitarian Needs

13.5M people are in need of humanitarian assistance, of whom 5.7M are in acute need due to a convergence of humanitarian risk factors

Over 12.8M people in Syria, require health assistance

9M people are in need of food, agriculture and livelihoods assistance, out of which 7M are food insecure, and a further 2M are at risk of food insecurity

4.3M people are in need of shelter, 3.8M of whom face acute and immediate needs

Households spend up to 25% of income to meet minimum daily water requirements

Over 13.8M Syrians require early recovery and livelihood support to sustain and restore lives and livelihoods affect by the conflict

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
11 Dec 2016
Document type: 
Humanitarian Needs Overview