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Lake Chad Basin: Crisis Update No.14, 6 April 2017

Regional Highlights

 More than 50,000 people risk famine in Nigeria’s north-eastern Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states between June and August. Some 5.2 million people are projected to suffer severe food scarcity, a third of them will face “emergency” levels of hunger.

 Timely and effective agricultural support is required to see families and communities in the region’s conflict-hit areas through the upcoming lean season. Planting is expected to start in May.

 A surge in Boko Haram attacks displaces thousands of people in several localities in north-eastern Nigeria. Military operations and poor living conditions have also forced some to flee.

 Fear of insecurity after military withdrawal prompts thousands of people to flee Lake Chad islands in Bol locality in western Chad.

 Suspected Boko Haram fighters attack a village in south-eastern Niger, breaking a two-month lull in Diffa region.

 Since the start of the year, Cameroon has forcefully returned more than 2,600 Nigerian refugees, prompting concerns over civilian protection and calls on Nigeria’s neighbours to keep their borders open and grant asylum to those fleeing conflict. 

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
06 Apr 2017
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Situation Report
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
Refugees and Returnees
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Bureau Régional pour l'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre
Lake Chad Basin Crisis – 2014-2018