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Nine years into the conflict, the humanitarian emergency in the Lake Chad region is among the most severe in the world. The crisis is unfolding in a region already affected by severe underdevelopment, poverty and climate change. The impact on the lives of around 17 million people is devastating, with women, youth and children bearing the brunt. In 2018, more than 10 million people require humanitarian assistance and protection.

The humanitarian response was expanded significantly in 2017, reaching over six million people with life-saving assistance and protection, and effectively averting a famine. But needs in the affected regions remain acute and will persist at large scale into 2019 and beyond. Humanitarian organisations are requesting US$1.6 billion for 2018. Support from the international community to national efforts will be essential in the coming months to ease hunger, provide water, shelter, hygiene, healthcare, protection and education, and help communities rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Without continued assistance, hard hit communities risk sliding back into distress.

Link: Humanitarian needs and requirement overview