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The complex humanitarian crisis affecting some 17 million people across north-eastern Nigeria, Cameroon’s Far North, western Chad and south-east Niger, is deepening. More than 2.3 million people have fled their homes. Violence and insecurity have disrupted trade and markets. Vital infrastructure such as health centres, schools, water pipelines, bridges and roads have been destroyed. Farmers are unable to attend to their fields, having missed harvests for three consecutive seasons. Eleven million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Across the region a third of the population is struck by food insecurity. Malnutrition rates and related mortality are critically high.

Humanitarian actors have significantly increased their response in recent months, which was funded at 53%. With constantly growing needs, especially in northeastern Nigeria, further operational scale-up and financial resources are urgently required to ensure adequate response. For 2017, UN agencies and NGOs are now seeking $1.5 billion to reach 8.2 million with assistance in the four countries.

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