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What is UN-CMCoord?

The essential dialogue and interaction between civilian and military actors in humanitarian emergencies necessary to protect and promote humanitarian principles, avoid competition, minimize inconsistency, and when appropriate, pursue common goals. (Oslo Guidelines, 2007)

OCHA on Message on UN-CMCoord (2017)​

Humanitarian Military Dialogue​

Humanitarian Principles

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UN-CMCoord Officer

Oleksii Kuzikov
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Humanitarian Adviser/Civil-Military Coordination
+380 50 326 7368 (Mobile)

The booklet on humanitarian organisations

  • The booklet on humanitarian organisations (May 2018). Please request -

UN-CMCoord Guidelines

  • UN-CMCoord Field Handbook​ (ENG), (RUS)
  • Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination - A Guide for the Military​ (ENG), (RUS)
  • Guidelines on the Use of Foreign Military and Civil Defence Assets in Disaster Relief – “Oslo Guidelines”​ (ENG), (RUS)
  • Foreign Military and Civil Defence Assets in Support of Humanitarian Emergency Operations: What Is Last Resort? (ENG)
  • Civil-Military Guidelines & Reference for Complex Emergencies​ (ENG)
  • Civil-Military Relationship in Complex Emergencies- "IASC Reference Paper"​ (ENG), (RUS)
  • IASC Non-Binding Guidelines on the use of Armed Escorts for Humanitarian Convoys​ (ENG), (RUS)