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23 March

The Government of Ukraine has set up a dedicated website, reflecting current needs and received assistance. [...]

On 22 March, the Government of Ukraine issued a resolution amending the rules for delivering humanitarian aid from abroad. The only document now required for goods clearance is a declaration indicating the consignor, consignee, the place where goods will be unloaded, and type of relief delivered.

The recipient of the aid could be the respective Oblast CivilMilitary Administration, Ministry, or a specific community. In addition, the provision of the list of goods to be recognized as humanitarian aid has been cancelled; no additional procedure is required to import goods declared as humanitarian aid. Furthermore, 14 European countries have agreed to a permission-free transit of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. (OCHA - Humanitarian Impact Situation Report - 23 March 2022)

IMPACCT WG: Cross-border movement of humanitarian relief consignments

Visit this IMPACCT WG page to find Ukraine Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures and information on transit within Europe - Poland - Romania - Hungary - Moldova.

Logistics Cluster’s Service Request Form (SRF) for transportation and warehousing support: 

Share information on incoming cargo and its final destination to facilitate planning from the Logistics Cluster for downstream logistics services to support partners’ response witH Jemma Pietrus (

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