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Ukraine: Checkpoints - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 28 September 2018)

With 1.3 million civilian crossings across the ‘contact line’, August was the busiest month at the checkpoints, since they were established in 2015. This however, is not a surprise, as there has been a consistent trend of increased crossing over the last two summers, with a peak usually observed in August. This coincides with national examination periods (May-June), harvesting season and pre-school term vacation. Available evidence also suggests that one of the main reason for crossing in both directions was visiting family or friends, indicating people’s desire to maintain family ties and social networks. People also had to cross the ‘contact line’ for other reasons, including checking on property and dealing with documentation-related issues. Meanwhile, long waiting lines, particularly on the NGCA side, lack of water, sanitation and cooling/resting facilities remained some of the most critical concerns for men, women and children who regularly cross the ‘contact line’. Their situation was also severely challenged due to insecurity and mine contamination which disrupted the checkpoint operations. For example, detonation of an unknown explosive object at the EECP ‘Marinka’ on 8 August stopped operations of the checkpoint. The EECP ‘Maiorske’ was suspended for a total five days in August due to insecurity on two separate occasions, affecting over 40,000 crossings. Detonation of explosive remnants of war near the EECP ‘Novotroitske’ on 30 August forced the checkpoint to stop for three days. Whilst there were no civilian casualties at the checkpoints, disruption of EECP operations had further limited people’s ability and right to freedom of movement. On a positive note, the reconstruction of EECP ‘Marinka’ has been completed. It is expected that this will improve the crossing conditions for the men, women and children who regularly cross the ‘contact line’.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
28 Sep 2018
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Humanitarian Snapshot