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Ukraine: Checkpoints - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 26 July 2017)


The five operational Exit/Entrance Checkpoints (EECPs) continue to witness a steady upsurge of crossings in 2017. In June, over 1.1 million individual crossings were recorded, representing an increase of 10 per cent from May. The rise seems to correlate somewhat with the ceasefire agreements, which came into effect on 24 June. The highest increase was observed at the ‘Stanytsia Luhanska’ checkpoint – the only operational pedestrian crossing point in Luhansk province. Pedestrians continue to experience crossing difficulties, including long waiting hours, inadequate conditions as a worn-out wooden bridge remains the only means of crossing, and insufficient crossing procedures and capacity outstripped by high demands. Rising temperatures have also taken a toll on civilians, particularly the elderly and those with special needs. Due to heavy crossing traffic and difficulties, some people have reportedly attempted to use illegal routes to cross the ‘contact line’, and in doing so, exposing themselves to mine risks. On 20 July, local authorities called a meeting with partners to ensure collective efforts to improve the condition. Partners plan to install more first aid tents to accommodate growing needs for on-site medical services. Meanwhile, challenge remains in upgrading the conditions of all EECPs to ensure safe and dignified environment, particularly conditions between zero checkpoints (no man's land) in terms of secure travel, people’s safety and access to sanitary facilities. In 2017, at least 13 civilians are reported so far to have died of or suffered from health conditions, while waiting in queues in harsh conditions at the checkpoints. Moreover, people continue to expose themselves to fatal risks due to ongoing combat activities in and around the checkpoints. At least two security incidents were recorded in June/July close to Marinka EECP, resulting in one civilian injury. Lengthy intervals of bus services to Bakhmut also cause concentration of civilians waiting at Maiorske EECP.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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26 Jul 2017
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Humanitarian Snapshot