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Ukraine: Checkpoints - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 16 November 2017) [EN/UA/RU]


In October, over 1.1 million individual crossings were recorded through all five entry/exit checkpoints (EECP) in eastern Ukraine. With temperature going down, degrading sanitary conditions at EECPs, lack of health facilities, long waiting hours and constant insecurity have become normal for millions, and civilians regularly face additional hardships while crossing the 459-km ‘contact line’. Harsh weather conditions mean that lack of appropriate heating spaces at EECPs will aggravate health conditions and wellbeing of the most vulnerable elderly, women, children and people with disabilities. 
Despite these noticeable hardships, people continue traveling both ways for various basic reasons. In October, the ongoing round of cumbersome and demanding IDP verification process to obtain pensions forced many elderly from non-Government controlled areas (NGCA) to come to Government controlled areas (GCAs) and claim pension. This has led to increase in number of people crossing, and longer waiting hours at the checkpoints. On several occasions, people crossing the ‘contact line’ in private vehicles reported to have stayed overnight at the EECPs for more than 24 hours. 
Others continue travelling to each side to access markets, hospitals, services, and maintain family ties. While crossing or waiting in the long lines, civilians are exposing themselves to active shelling or unmarked mine-contaminated areas - the two risks that persist across all EECPs. Between 1 October and 13 November, at least five security incidents were recorded at EECPs, which reportedly injured one civilian, and led to delays in operations of EECPs on multiple occasions.
Of alarming concern is the further reduction of operation hours at all EECPs by 2.5 hours, introduced on 29 October, as part of shifting to “winter time”. This may lead to increased hardships for civilians in the coming months, including due to extended waiting hours at the EECPs. 


United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
16 Nov 2017
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Humanitarian Snapshot