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Ukraine: Checkpoints - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 16 July 2018) [EN/UA/RU]


With over 1.2 million crossings of the ‘contact line’, civilians continue to wait in long queues in eastern Ukraine, enduring soaring temperatures at the five official EECPs. With temperatures reaching over 35 degrees on some days, the lack of cooling spaces and healthcare facilities particularly impacting vulnerable groups such as elderly, children, pregnant women, people with disabilities. On 14 June alone, 12 mostly elderly people required medical attention whilst waiting in queue to cross the EECP ‘Marinka’. An elderly man died from a heart attack when crossing the EECP ‘Maiorske’ on 27 June (according to the humanitarian organization ‘Right to Protection’). Moreover, the operation of the non-Government controlled EECP ‘Maiorske’ was suspended for two days (16-17 June), due to the relocation of the facilities, reportedly moving them 900 meters closer to the ‘contact line’. Given that an average of 8,000 civilian crossings are recorded at this checkpoint every day, the interruption may lead people to spend additional money and time to travel to other EECPs further away.  Another important development is that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sought public comment for a draft order on entry-exit procedures to Non-Government controlled area (NGCA) for final endorsement by the Cabinet of Ministers, more information can be found on Ministry of Defense of Ukraine’s homepage.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
16 Jul 2018
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Humanitarian Snapshot