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WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 44, 30/03/2017

On 29th of March the area around the Donetska Filter station (DFS) was under shelling, continued form previous days and as a result, at 19:00 Donetsk time, DFS was de energized: the power Line, which supplies electricity to the DFS, Avdiivka and Coke plant (AKHZ), was damaged.

As a consequence, Avdiivka, Yasynuvata, Verhnetoretske, Vasilevka, Spartak and parts of Yasynuvata are now cut off from safe, chlorinated water supplies.  Avdiivka normally uses a backup water reservoir (4000m3) under such circumstances; however, a power supply is needed to pump water from the reservoir into the town water network (and the power to Avdiivka is also cut as it relies on the same power line as the DFS). The WASH cluster is checking whether the state emergency services can install a generator rapidly, and whether there are any other needs for the town.

Donetsk Filter station officially provides water to more than 345,000 people (December 2016 figures from Voda Donbasa).

Currently Donetsk city is reliant on a single second Filter Station, Verkhnikalmiuske FS, which is under strain.

The WASH Cluster is in touch with ‘Voda Donbasa’ and DTEK and will report any specific needs to WASH cluster partners.

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Original Publication Date: 
30 Mar 2017
Document type: 
Situation Report