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WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 42, 20/03/2017


The water supply to Volnovakha and Dokuchaievsk has stopped as a major Pumping Station has broken down on the South Donbass Water Pipeline yesterday.  101,000 people are currently without a suitable water supply.  Also affected are almost 500,000 people in Mariupol who are now reliant on the backup reservoir at Staroskrimska.  Mariupol can last for several months in this way, however repairs to the main pipelines as well as repairing the pump station will be necessary to ensure their water supply in the longer term.

Kindly find Incident Report in the attachment.

Additional recent events include that the chlorine store at the wastewater treatment plant in Yasynuvata was hit by a shell over the weekend (fortunately none of the gas bottles were damaged). This reemphasizes the dangers posed by chlorine gas being used for water and wastewater treatment in plants close to the frontline.  The actual probability of chlorine leakage is limited, however, consequences could be quite significant, as highlighted by the OHCHR special rapporteur recently.

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Original Publication Date: 
20 Mar 2017
Document type: 
Situation Report