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WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 41, 12/03/2017


Voda Donbasa has informed the WASH Cluster that the pumping station of the 1st lift of South Donbas Water pipeline was under shelling (19:00 on 11th March 2017). Several missiles hit the territory of pumping station. Currently, there are no reported any damages or injuries. All staff took cover in a bomb shelter. The pumping station is still operating in the normal way. Here is a huge risk in a case, if power supplying to pumping station stopped or in a case of damages pumping station, because the 1st Lift PS of the South Donbas Water Pipeline supplies raw water (which originally arrives via the SDD channel) to five filter stations (FS):

Donetsk FS (supplying part of Donetsk, Yasynovata, Verkhnyotoretskoe, Krasnyi Partizan, Vasylivka, Spartak) – 345, 309 people;
Krasnoarmiska FS (35 settlements in Krasnoarmisk(Pokrovsk) rayon) – 252 625 people; 
Velykoanadolska FS (Volnovakha, Dokuchaevsk, Vuhledar, Novotroitskoe, Vladimirovka, Yasne and 4 villages) – 100 975 people; and
Starokrymska FS №1 and №2 (Mariupol) – 471 816 people.

(Figures used are official data supplied by Voda Donbasa in December 2016).

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Original Publication Date: 
12 Mar 2017
Document type: 
Situation Report