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WASH Cluster Incident Report №90, 06/11/2017



Voda Dobasa (the water utility company for all Donetsk Oblast) today informed the WASH Cluster, that Verkhniokalmiuska Filter Station (VFS) was shelled during evening of 5th November 2017. During shelling and the rest of the night staff were in the Bomb Shelter and only in the morning were they able to check the area for damage.

This morning, two craters, each around half a metre in diameter, were identified in the concreted part dam of water reservoir, which holds 12 million m3 of water. For the moment there is no immediate cause for concern in connection with damages to the dam and the risk of catastrophic collapse is minimal, however the craters should be concreted over before level of water in reservoir can be increased to maximum.

A second crater was located to the east of the Filter Station territory and another ten hits (approx.) were recorded around the water reservoir and filter station general area, although luckily without any structural damage to the filter station buildings. 

The main concern for everyone is the centralized chlorine storage and rebottling plant located immediately North of the filtration units. More than 100 tons of liquid chlorine gas is normally stored at that location before being distributed to other locations. Should the chlorine storage facility be hit directly, the volume of chlorine gas released would be considerable, with high risk of casualties in a highly populated urban area.

Verkhniokalmiuska FS supplies water to part of Donetsk city, Mineralne, Yakovlivka, part of Makiivka: in total - around 800,000 people (December 2016 population numbers from Voda Donbasa).  The WASH Cluster is in close contact with Voda Donbasa and will inform partners about any specific needs. 

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Original Publication Date: 
06 Nov 2017
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Situation Report