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WASH Cluster Incident Report №77, 11/07/2017

‘Voda Donbasa’ (VD) has informed the WASH Cluster that Dokuchaievsk Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was under the shelling earlier today. As a result all staff were evacuated and the WWTP was stopped at 4:00 pm today, 11th June.

The Population of Dokuchaievsk is 24,142 people (Population data is in accordance with the data prior to the conflict as supplied by Voda Donbassa).

At present, ‘Voda Donbasa’ have not requested specific help however they do not know whether there were any direct hits to the facility.

During the absence of personnel, when sewage storage tanks are full, wastewater will flow to the environment.


The WASH Cluster is in touch with VD and will inform implementing partners if any actions seem appropriate.

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Original Publication Date: 
11 Jul 2017
Document type: 
Situation Report