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WASH Cluster Incident Report №211, 08/08/2019

Dear all,


There is a new shooting incident in Donetska oblast. Today, 8th August, at 13:27 Voda Donbasa (VD) crew during repair works near Vasylivka village (Donetsk NGCA) on Line of Contact was under shooting and had to leave area. Fortunately, no one injured. As a result, two small settlements are cut off from water supply because VD staff could not finish repair works, which were planned in advance. Verkhniotoretske on GCA side and Vasylivka on NGCA side cut off from centralized water supply. The estimated number of affected people is around 3,300 people.


Both settlements are served Donetska Filter Station, which is continued operation in normal mode.

Donetsk Filter Station supplies water to settlements on both sides of the line of contact: Avdiivka, Kruta Balka, Vasylivka, Verkhniotoretske and western areas of Donetsk city. It officially provides water in total to 378,983 people (2018 figures from Voda Donbasa).


WASH Cluster is asking everybody to support the facilitation in providing Window of Silence for timely repair of the damaged pipeline.


At the same time, we are asking WASH partners do not start water trucking to the affected settlements yet, however, partners should be ready to step forward.

Hopefully, WoS will be provided and water supply will be restored soon.


Additional updates:

Yesterday, 7th August 2019, Popasnianskyi vodokanal (PVK) suspended repair works near Loskutivka settlement in Luhanska oblast with main water pipeline, which pump water from Western Filter Station to Luhansk NGCA side (Brianka – Stakhanov – Alchevsk direction). The reason for stopped works is found shells and ordnance. 

The area is quite far from Line of Contact was flooded due to the leakage from deteriorated pipe recently. It seems that shells were left there during active military actions in 2014 in the nearby hole. In case of explosion, the damage might be serious and require significant time and resources for restoration of water supply. Fortunately, the State Emergency Service already removed and destroyed all shells and ordnance.

Water supply continues in normal mode.

Voda Donbasa (VD) ended second 90 days deal Ukrinterenergo (the Last Resort Provider - LRP of electricity) on Sunday 4th August. VD switched to one day as an independent consumer in the energy market and the next day announced that switching to LRP again due to the financial situation. At this stage, there is no electricity cut off at all. VD is trying to finalize the new 3rd contract with LRP for the next 90 days. It seems that main stakeholders keep the respect of the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution from 5th July 2019.


WASH Cluster will keep you in the loop.

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Original Publication Date: 
08 Aug 2019
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Situation Report