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WASH Cluster Incident Report №208, 08/07/2019

Dear all,


Pumping station shelled three times in one week



On Friday 5th July 2019, in the evening between 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, there was shelling close to the 1st Lift Pumping Station of the South Donbas Water Way. During the incident night shift workers on duty ran for cover in the onsite bomb shelter. This was the third shelling of the 1st Lift Pumping Station of the South Donbas Water Way during the week: see WASH Incident Reports #207 and #205. Fortunately, no injuries and no damages.


The 1st LPS supplies raw water to five filter stations, between them providing clean water to more than 1.1 million people on both sides of the line of contact, including both Mariupol city and Donetsk city.



Additional Updates


Firstly regarding towns and villages cut from water due to electricity cuts. Voda Donbasa updated the WASH cluster as they received new communications form the Last Resort Provider (LRP – otherwise called Ukrinterenergo), which supplies “bad payers” with electricity while they reorganise payments.

In May 2019 the LRP informed DTEK to cut Voda Donbasa from electricity, however according to the LRP DTEK failed to make those cuts and are therefore liable for the costs of electricity received by VD since then.
More recently, on 26th June, letters were sent to all five regional divisions of Voda Donbasa on GCA side of the line of contact. The letters detailed the amounts owed by each division, and state that on 17th July 2019 Ukrinterenergo will terminate the arrangements between themselves and Voda Donbasa, and all facilities of Voda Donbasa will be  to be cut from electricity. The LRP will instruct the grid operator (DTEK) to make those cuts.

Naturally these cuts would have an extremely negative effect on the 3.8 million people receiving clean water by Voda Donbasa, with associated health risks; if implemented badly the cuts could permanently damage the water infrastructure (especially the SDD channel); cuts would eventually halt cooling water to two power stations in the area; and of course cutting water to NON-Government Controlled Areas could have a very negative effect on the conflict, potentially causing an escalation.


Secondly, Engineers are hopeful that repairs of the main pipeline from Petrovskyi pumping station, which was stopped since 3rd July, cutting around 20% of the water to Luhansk city, will be finished today. Initially engineers were reluctant to work in the grey zone as mirror patrols could not be provided initially.


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08 Jul 2019
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Situation Report