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WASH Cluster Incident Report №197, 10/06/2019

Incident Report #197



This is to inform you of two serious incidents regarding civilian infrastructure on the front line, in the last two days: Firstly, shelling very near the 1st Lift Pumping Station of the South Donbas Water Way occurred in the morning of 9th June, from 08:00 am till 09:00 am. Staff took cover in a bomb shelter, and were safe. However afterwards a hole of around 60 mm diameter was found in the main gate of the pumping station, suspected to be from larger diameter small arms / or anti-aircraft calibre fire.


Secondly, this morning, from 07:30 am to 08:15 am, on Monday 10th June shelling of the same location (the 1st Lift Pumping Station of the South Donbass Water Way) was again reported by the water company, which serves 3.8 million people on both sides of the line of contact.  During the incident, staff of the night shift were in the on-site bomb shelter. After the quick assessment, staff identified new damage to walls of the pumping facility from shrapnel.


In the view of the WASHJ Cluster these incidents are unacceptable: the 1st Lift Pumping Station supplies water to five filter stations, between them providing clean water to more than 1.1 million people on both sides of the line of contact.


The WASH cluster has called repeatedly for civilian infrastructure to be avoided by all fighters, with safe zones established around pumping stations and filter stations on the front line. Also, for water workers to be given guarantees of their safety while working in the grey zone to make repairs, or simply working to operate equipment that sends water to men women and children affected the conflict. Please lend your support to our request if you have any way to do so.



Update on Golmovskiy WWTP


In brief, it seems a Window of Silence was agreed for today for the electricity company in NGCA (REK) to inspect and maybe repair the 110 KV powerline supplying the wastewater treatment facility, near Horlivka. This is essential to avoid discharge of raw sewage into the environment.

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10 Jun 2019
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Situation Report