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WASH Cluster Incident Report №165, 29/01/2019

Dear All,


This is to inform you that small arms fire hit the front gate of the 1st Lift Pumping Station yesterday 29th January 2019 at around midday.  At the time 15 staff were working there and it is only by good fortune that no one was injured.

During 2018, this same Pumping Station of the SDWW was affected by serious incidents 16 times, jeopardizing the work of the entire system and the lives of employees approximately once every 22 days. Yesterday’s incident is the third in the last three weeks to affect this location, where three people have also been injured so far this year. In addition to yesterday:

On 10th January 2019 three water workers were injured clearing snow on the small road to the 1st Lift Pumping Station, and the vehicle they were travelling in was destroyed, reportedly as a result of grenade-launcher fire.
On 22nd/23rd January 2019, during the night shells landed in the territory of the same pumping station.

Of the three people injured on 10th January 2019:

One who was mainly concussed, is still receiving daily medical treatment;
The second who was also concussed is an inpatient daily (sleeping at home and attending the hospital every day);
The third, who was most badly injured by shrapnel, has not left the hospital since 10th January.

None of the three can receive sickness benefits or compensation for a multitude of legal reasons, ranging from lack of recognition of doctors working under the defacto authority, to the impossibility of visits to ratify the incident by Ukrainian authorities.


Yesterday’s development is extremely worrying, not only for the increase in frequency, but also as it represents a daylight small-arms fire incident.


United Nations Children's Fund
Original Publication Date: 
30 Jan 2019
Document type: 
Situation Report