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WASH Cluster Incident Report №162, 27/12/2018

Dear all,


On the early morning of 27th December 2018, Popasnyanskyi Vodokanal (PVK) stopped pumping water from Petrovskyi well field to Luhansk city due to massive leakages in the pipeline, which crosses the line of contact. Assessments show that there is no significant leakage on the Government Controlled Area (GCA) side of the line. Luhanskvoda has submitted a request for a Window of Silence (WoS) in order to make assessment to the main water pipeline in no-man’s land, having also ascertained that the problem is not with the main part of the pipe in Non-Government Controlled Areas (NGCA). Repairs can be planned after the assessment.


Petrovskyi well field serves two settlements in GCA, Artema and Nyznhoteple, and several settlements in NGCA, mainly Luhansk city. The well field supplies 15% to 20% of the needs of Luhansk city (according to Luhanskvoda, the water company from the NGCA side) and the city is now coping by using alternative sources. The most affected settlements are a few villages on the NGCA side, north of Luhansk city.


As an update to earlier events:

Donetsk Filter Station is now reconnected to electricity and water supply can now be restored rapidly to Avdiivka and western areas of Donetsk city;
Water supply was restored to “normal” in Popasna at 3pm today.

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27 Dec 2018
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Situation Report