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WASH Cluster Incident Report №137, 07/06/2018


The WASH Cluster was informed by Voda Donbasa (VD) water company of shelling that stopped power to Donetsk Filter Station (DFS) last night: at 9:35 pm on 6th June, the 110 kV Power Line was hit by shellfire and cut. The filter station is now stopped.
In addition, nine people from the night shift, spent their second night under shelling at the DFS. This morning, 7th June 2018, VD was trying to organize the evacuation of the night shift team with OSCE support and were able to reach DFS at 10:50 am.
Donetsk Filter Station FS supplies water to the following settlements: Avdiivka, Kruta Balka, Vasylivka, Mineralne, Yakovlivka, Verkhniotoretske, part of Yasynuvata and western areas of Donetsk city. It officially provides water in total to 345,309 people (December 2016 figures from Voda Donbasa). At this time smaller settlements near the contact line are cut from clean water, however depending on how much treated water was in the clean water tank at DFS Avdiivka will stop receiving water from DFS within 3-4 days and will need to rely on its small backup reservoir. Also within a few days western areas of Donetsk city are likely to receive water on a rationed basis from Verkhnikalmiuske Filter Station, although that backup supply is not believed sustainable in the long run.
For the moment, it is unclear when and how Voda Donbasa can restarted DFS. According to OSCE Chief Monitor Apakan, “In light of ongoing ceasefire violations by the sides, the Mission has been obliged to suspend and to review its enhanced presence at the facility” ( Management of the Voda Donbasa are looking at different options, to restart the facility in the absence of any convincing guarantees of safety, and now without direct OSCE support for transfer of workers the filter station may remain closed for some time.
The WASH Cluster is in touch with VD and will inform partners about any needs and updates, and will coordinate any additional need for water trucking, however to supply water to Avdiivka in normal quantities is beyond the capability of WASH Cluster partners and the authorities.

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Original Publication Date: 
06 Jun 2018
Document type: 
Situation Report