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WASH Cluster Incident Report №126, 28/04/2018


Voda Donbasa (VD) informed WASH Cluster that this morning, April 28, from 7.30 am until 8.40 am staff of the 1st Lift Pumping Station of South Donbas Water Pipeline (SDWP) were taking cover in the bomb shelter at that facility due to intense cross-fire from small arms with fighting very close to the pumping station. There is no information about any damage, as staff have been unable to go outside to check. At the moment the Pumping Station continues to operate in normal mode.

The 1st Lift PS of the South Donbas Water Pipeline supplies raw water (which originally arrives via the SDD channel) to five filter stations:  Donetsk FS (supplying more than 345,000 people); Krasnoarmiska FS (252 625 people); Velykoanadolska FS (100 975 people); and Starokrymska FS №1 and №2 (471 816 people in Mariupol). Overall it supplies 1.17 million people.

In addition (and recorded as a second incident) shelling near Donetsk Filter station (DFS) from 9.30 am to 10.30 am today also forced staff into their bomb shelter. As a consequence, also, OSCE was unable to provide support to the DFS’s day shift. Therefore currently the night shift form yesterday (around 10 people compared to the 30 needed for a normal day-shift) are still on duty, without support from OSCE. DFS was stopped recently 18th to 22nd April) as staff felt unsafe and there is now a real risk of repeating that reality.

Donetsk Filter Station supplies water to the following settlements: Avdiivka, Kruta Balka, Vasylivka, Mineralne, Yakovlivka, Verkhniotoretske, part of Yasynuvata and western areas of Donetsk city, and it officially provides water in total to 345,309 people (December 2016 figures from Voda Donbasa).    

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United Nations Children's Fund
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28 Apr 2018
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Situation Report