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WASH Cluster Incident Report №107, 29/01/2018


Voda Donbasa (VD) has informed WASH Cluster, that the 1st Lift pumping Station of South Donbas Water Pipeline (SDWP) came under small-arms fire on Friday
(26 January 2018). Staff of the Pumping Station identified oil leakage from oil cooler pipe on a transformer #1 (35 kVA) on a main Power Line (PL). VD was able
to switch on back-up transformer #2 on the same PL without any break of pumping operations. After a quick investigation, a bullet hole was identified, in the
cooler pipe, diameter 12mm to 15 mm. During preparations for repair work the repair team was also fired upon and went to the bomb shelter.
According to the information from VD, the transformer was repaired successfully, but there is still a need for 1.5 tons of transformer oil, which they will bring
from elsewhere.
The 1st Lift PS of the South Donbas Water Pipeline supplies raw water (which originally arrives via the SDD channel) to five filter stations (see incident report
No.83 for details): Donetsk FS (supplying more than 345,000 people); Krasnoarmiska FS (252 625 people); Velykoanadolska FS (100 975 people); and
Starokrymska FS №1 and №2 (471 816 people in Mariupol).
Note also that the pumping station has two Power Lines and since 19 December 2017 one of them (reserve PL) is damaged. VD and the energy company REK (ex-
DTEK) are trying to arrange (without success to date) a Window of Silence to repair this line. Without the JCCC, this WoS was not possible to organize.
The WASH Cluster is in touch with ‘Voda Donbasa’ and will report any specific needs and updates to WASH Cluster partners.

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Original Publication Date: 
29 Jan 2018
Document type: 
Situation Report