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Ukraine: Key Messages on Internal Displacement, March 2017 [EN/UK]

  • UNHCR calls on the Government of Ukraine to ensure that internally displaced persons (IDPs) enjoy full access to their pensions and social benefits. Currently the authorities re-verify IDPs’ continuing eligibility for pensions and social benefits twice per year by conducting home visits. Other Ukrainian citizens are not subject to this level of scrutiny. The procedures for issuing benefits for IDPs should be simplified, so that IDPs do not face a discriminatory burden in accessing support. Even more than other citizens, IDPs who have lost homes and jobs must rely on this support to cover their basic needs. Furthermore, UNHCR calls on Ukraine to adopt all possible measures to facilitate the protection of persons living in non-government controlled areas. This includes de-linking the payment of pensions and social assistance from IDP registration, as recommended in draft law no. 4257. Pensions are an acquired right of all citizens of Ukraine and should not be linked to IDP registration; social assistance is linked to an individual’s vulnerability and not the fact of displacement. Currently, citizens of non-government controlled areas are required to register as IDPs in order to continue to access their rightful benefits. 
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Original Publication Date: 
14 Mar 2017
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Key Messages
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)