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Ukraine: Legal Alert | DRC | September 2017 | Юридичний інформаційний бюлетень | Данська рада у справах біженців | Вересень 2017

September issue of the Legal Alert, focuses on the following:

- Affordable Housing Program for IDPs and military veterans: legal procedure is adopted
- No more OschadBank monopoly on IDP social payments; reduced verification; increase in size and range of payments
- New Presidential Decree on Border Control: Introducing biometric control, obligatory e-mail declaration, and putting the Russian Federation on migration risk list
- One of the three Crimean checkpoints is to be closed
- Privatization of dormitories now possible under a new law
- Concept of Reforming Governance under the State of Emergency is signed

Danish Refugee Council
Original Publication Date: 
09 Oct 2017
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