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UKRAINE: Humanitarian Impact of COVID-19 Situation Report No.3 - 11 May 2020

Key updates:

  • Most health facilities in the Government-controlled area (GCA) of eastern Ukraine lack capacity to collect samples for COVID-19 tests.
  • Unemployment and vulnerability are increasing across Ukraine as quarantine measures remain in place. Unemployment is feared to be much higher in the conflict-affected oblasts of eastern Ukraine compared with the rest of the country.
  • Since the closure of all entry/exit crossing points (EECPs) on 21 March through the end of April, over 325 people were granted humanitarian exemptions to cross the ‘contact line.’ Crossings took place in both directions at EECPs in both Donetska and Luhanska oblasts, which were put in place in part due to advocacy efforts of the UN and humanitarian partners.
  • While most humanitarian response activities are able to continue during the period of quarantine measures, some have been halted due to the repurposing of existing resources for COVID-19 response.
  • The ability of humanitarian organizations to organize humanitarian aid convoys through the ‘contact line’ to the non-Government controlled area (NGCA) remains limited, with only two UN-organized convoys reaching Donetsk (NGCA) since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in March. The Government of Ukraine and entities in Luhanska oblast (NGCA) have recently approved the delivery of humanitarian aid to Luhanska oblast (NGCA) through the EECP ‘Stanytsia Luhanska,’ which does not have the capacity for trucks and requires goods to be transferred manually.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
11 May 2020
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Situation Report