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Submit Information about a Planned, On-going or Completed Assessment

  • To submit a new planned, on-going or completed assessment to the Assessments Tracking system, please fill out the submission form
  • To update your submission, please follow the link "Edit response" that you received together with a copy of your response to your email after submission.
  • To add a completed assessment report to your submission, please provide a link to the online publication in the submission form or attach the report file to your submission. All the submitted files will by uploaded to the ReliefWeb online platform. To publish your assessments report on ReliefWeb directly, please send it to

All submitted assessments are listed in the embedded table below. For the better user experience, open the table in a separate window.
To filter the table go to Data > Filter views > Create a new temporary filter view. You will be able to filter values in the table as in regular Google/Excel spreadsheet.

If you would like to share feedback on the Assessments Tracking system, please send it to

Ukraine: Assessments Mapping Dashboard