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Missing millions: How older people with disabilities are excluded from humanitarian response


Up to 14 million older people with disabilities may be affected by humanitarian disasters. These people are among those most at risk, yet little is known about their particular experiences. Their rights and needs are widely overlooked in humanitarian response.

At the heart of humanitarian action are four principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence. These principles afford everyone the right to safe and dignified access to humanitarian assistance and protection without discrimination and on an equal basis with others.

Humanitarian policy and programming is increasingly focusing on the inclusion of older people and people with disabilities. However, it is often assumed that older people and people with disabilities can be supported simply by implementing needs-based assistance; there is limited evidence and attention paid to the intersection of older age and disability, the particular experiences of older people with disabilities in humanitarian crises, and the extent to which their rights are upheld in humanitarian contexts.

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28 Apr 2018
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HelpAge International
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Easter Ukraine