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Whole of Syria - Nutrition Facts and Figures - January - December 2016

Facts & Figures: is a one pager monthly product gives a highlight on the children stiuation in each humanitarian sector and reflects UNICEF intervention during the same period for each programme.


According to the ndings of a SMART Nutrition Survey conducted by UNICEF and partners in 2016 in 11 of 14 governorates, the global acute malnutrition (GAM) rate among children under ve was 3 per cent and the stunting prevalence rate 12.7%. However, among women of child-bearing age the GAM rate was signicant higher at 7.8%. Thus the needs for community-based management of acute malnutrition remained very critical, especially in besieged areas, where many children have been suering from severe acute malnutrition.

United Nations Children's Fund
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10 Feb 2017
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