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Whole of Syria - Education Facts and Figures - January - December 2016

Facts & Figures: is a one pager monthly product gives a highlight on the children stiuation in each humanitarian sector and reflects UNICEF intervention during the same period for each programme.


In 2016 schools were directly targeted resulting in death, injury, and interruption to learning. Throughout the year the UN documented over 80 attacks on schools in 2016. According to the most recent humanitarian assessment, a total of 5.82 million children and youth from pre-school to secondary school-age (in and out of school) are in need of education assistance inside Syria. An estimated 1.75 million children are out of school, with a further 1.35 million at risk of dropping out. The formal education system lost a total of 150,000 education personnel, including teachers, negatively aecting the quality of education for all children.

United Nations Children's Fund
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10 Feb 2017
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