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Syria: NFI Monthly, January 2017, Issue No.1


Aleppo City Emergency Support

 The sector partners continue to monitor the situation of people in need from east Aleppo to better plan its collective response. On 9 January, the sector’s Coordination Team conducted a short mission in Aleppo City and visited Jibreen collective shelter which, as of 9 January, accommodated around 961 families (estimated 5,077 persons). While NFI provision is ongoing, unsystematic distribution and weak documentation of beneficiaries are among the major issues reported. Some IDPs complained on unfair NFI distribution and the provision of sub-standard items. Due to some unmet needs, few NFIs were not properly utilized according to its purpose. For instance, mattresses were being burned to provide warmth and other items were being sold to afford other basic needs. Also, some partners reported overlap of interventions due to lack of information on collective distribution plans. Moreover, there is no harmonized conduct of needs assessment which often times led to information fatigue among the population in need. Based on partners’ rapid assessment, the displaced families are expected to remain at the collective shelter as only 9% are willing to return to their habitual residences and around 60% of the total displaced population has totally damaged or demolished dwellings in their places of origin.

 The sector partners also continue to distribute basic non-food items to the most vulnerable families. In January, IOM covered around 5,200 persons while UNHCR served around 103,000 persons with its core relief items. The sector partners also continue to provide winterization support. Local NGO, Ta’alouf, with UNICEF and UNHCR are regularly distributing heaters and firewood to the IDPs in Jibreen industrial halls.

 Funding through the Syrian Humanitarian Fund has been dedicated to Aleppo in January and partners were encouraged to submit project proposals. 

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26 Feb 2017
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Situation Report
Information Management
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Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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