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Syria needs assessment progress report


Since March 2011, the humanitarian situation in Syria has further deteriorated with increasing needs and number of people affected in all 14 governorates Therefore, continuous identification of humanitarian needs to inform a scale-up of response is critical both at sectoral and multi-sectoral level;. Although broad humanitarian needs in Syria have been identified, there is a need for more disaggregated data and to have an overview of needs and vulnerability nationwide, in particular to monitor the evolving severity of the humanitarian crisis.

This document provides an overview on needs assessment work in Syria Crisis with following components:

1. Assessment Products
2. Profiling of refugees in neighboring countries to assess area of origin
3. Joint Humanitarian Assessment within Syria
4. Coordination Structures and Materials

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
30 Jun 2017
Document type: 
Assessment Report
Syrian Arab Republic
Needs Assessment
Syria: Crisis 2011-2018