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Syria War on Development: socioeconomic monitoring report of Syria second quarterly report (April – June 2013)

In order to assess the impact of the crisis on different socioeconomic elements and track key macroeconomic and social changes in Syria during the current crisis, UNRWA and UNDP commissioned a series of quarterly reports from the Syrian Centre for Policy Research (SCPR). This report is the second report.
These series of quarterly reports take into account seasonality to estimate the quarterly GDP in Syria. The estimation of GDP real growth/contraction in 2012 and 2013 depends on a production approach to estimate the supply-side dynamic of different economic sectors. The dynamics of crisis have increased the need of various stakeholders for updated estimation of the economic situation. In order to overcome the above challenges, the report used quantities of production of key goods and services as proxies to the growth/contraction of GDP by sectors. the estimation of losses in GDP, capital stock, employment, and poverty indices are the difference between the crisis scenario (real indices) and the continuing scenario, which include indices as if the crisis did not happened. That helps in estimating direct and opportunity loss of the conflict.
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Assessment Date(s): 
01 Apr 2013 to 30 Jun 2013
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
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United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Refugee and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
Syrian Arab Republic