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2017 Humanitarian Partners' Achievements in Sudan, June 2018

The following provides an overview of selected achievements by humanitarian partners operating in Sudan during 2017 under the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). These successes would not have been possible without strong cooperation between UN agencies, NGOs and the Government of Sudan. Donor contributions in 2017 amounted to about US $365.6 million for HRP activities and an additional $66.9 million for humanitarian assistance outside of the HRP.

In 2017, humanitarian partners targeted 4.1 million people in need in Sudan. About 2.8 million people were reached with food and livelihoods assistance – about 72 per cent of the target of the 3.9 million people. An estimated 4.3 million people were reached and assisted by health sector partners exceeding the target of 4.1 million mainly due to a successful Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) response across Sudan. About 2.9 million people (out of 3.9 million target) were reached with water, sanitation and hygiene services. About 300,000 people of the targeted 620,000 were assisted by education partners and another 300,000 people (of the 1.2 million targeted) received NFI assistance. Protection sector partners provided assistance and support to over 820,000 people. Almost 500,000 refugees received different forms of assistance and relief. The ratio of people reached versus targeted is lower in many sectors largely due to low funding and other constraints.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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01 Jun 2018
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