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Return Verification Mission to Saraf-Omra and Al- Kokai Village - 19-24 November 2015


To confirm the willingness of IDP returnees to return voluntarily, with safety and dignity


Meet with UNAMID-Team Site (TS) Commander
-Meet with Saraf-Omra Commissioner
-Visit Al-Kokai main village (place of return)
-Meet with returnees in Al-Kokai and conduct house to house visit
-Visit Um-algurra compound-Alrryad extension, Saraf Omra,
-Meet with the IDP returnees’ Leaders, Women and Youth group
-Visit Al-malam village and meet with the returnees’ leaders, Women and Youth, plus side observation

Key findings: 

- The mission team confirmed that the place of return is safe for IDPs to return, except the UXO which UNAMID-TS already shared the issue with UNAMID-ODO El Fasher for intervention clearance/removal. UNHCR will closely follow up with UNAMID-ODO to clean the area before return take place.

- The Total number of returnees in Al-Kokai main village is reported (unverified) to be 115 HH.
The IDPs in Um-algurra confirmed their willingness to be re-integrated locally with Saraf Omra community.

- The total number of IDP HHs in Um-algurra is reported to be 400 HH (unverified)

- The number of IDP in Al-malam reportedly 200 HH (unverified) are willing to return

- Reportedly, neither IDPs who already returned nor those are willing to return received any kind of assistance since their first arrival up to date.

- In terms of assistance, while waiting for other sister agencies to assess and identify needs and gaps. UNHCR assessed shelter and HH items and also from observation. UNHCR could recommend distribution of full NFI packages as rapid response after IOM registration.

Assessment Questionnaire: 
Not Available
Assessment Data: 
Not Available
Assessment Date(s): 
19 Nov 2015 to 24 Nov 2015
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Participating Organization(s): 
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
International Organization for Migration
Saraf Omra
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