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Kerray Village - South of Jebal Marra, Kass Locality Mission Report on Joint Inter-Agency Assessment & Monitoring - 12 to 14 February 2020


The mission aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish physical access in vulnerable communities and identify areas to be considered as humanitarian service hubs.
  • Observe the humanitarian situation in the areas located in South Jebal Marra.
  • Establishment contact with community leaders.
  • Any recommendations or observation during the mission.

There were combined techniques used during the assessment including Focus Group Discussion with key people (separate sessions for women and children) from the areas and on-site observations. The team used the Sudan Rapid Assessment tool to collect data.

Key findings: 


The major findings indicate that due to the declaration of cease of fire, the general security situation is relatively calm along the road from Kass – Tarantawra – and the SLA areas in the mountain; although the situation is still tense and unpredictable. Local people at the SLA-AW base reported that a day before the mission, sporadic aerial shots from heavy machine guns could be heard. The same was reported by the SAF at their base in Tarantawra that, the SLA-AW firing shots. The local civilians reported that the situation is insecure because they are subjected to constant fear, killing, harassment and looting by SAF elements and armed militia at Tarantawra. 



The mission gained access to the locations visited after nearly 10 years of no visit by humanitarian organizations or UNAMID. Physical access remains a huge challenge due to the rough terrain and road blockage created by the SLA-AW as a means of protection. The team had to walk and use donkeys to access the inhabited village council of Kerray.

Access procedure seems to have eased by GoS authorities and facilitation was smoothly done by SLA-AW elements in the areas of SJM.

It should be noted that access constraint is particularly noted in the findings of the mission as the team was only able to reach Kerray and not Gendi-two, because of the impassability of the road which is caused by artificial blockage created by SLA-AW.

The route traversed by the mission was: Nyala-Kass-Nyama-Tarantawra (SAF military base) – Tobong – Kerri village and back to Kass. It should be noted that, SAF military base in Tarantawra allowed the team to progress and even coordinated connection between the team and natives in SLA-AW territory, who came out to provide direction to Kerri village. Since there is no comprehensive peace agreement signed between GoS and SLA-AW, opening certain roads in JM will remain a major concern for the humanitarian community. The blockage is deliberate as it represents a formidable protective mechanism employed by SLA-AW against GoS/SAF attacks.

Assessment Questionnaire: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Data: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
12 Feb 2020 to 14 Feb 2020

Level of Representation

Report completed
Collection Method(s): 
Focus group discussion
Population Type(s): 
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
American Refugee Committee
CARE International
International Organization for Migration
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Mine Action Service
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
United Nations Population Fund
World Food Programme
World Health Organization
World Vision International
Participating Organization(s): 
United Nations African Mission In Darfur