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Al Abbassiya Inter- Agency Rapid Assessment - 4-8 February 2018

The mission assessed the humanitarian needs in 15 rural communities and 3 urban communities in Al Abbassiya Town. These areas were targeted because of a high concentration of IDPs and for most of the 15 rural communities, it was the first time for UN agencies to visit these populations. These areas had remained closed to humanitarian interventions until October 2017 when DSS undertook a security risk assessment and allowed UN staff to assess the humanitarian needs of IDPs in the area.
Key findings: 
The mission findings indicate that the humanitarian situation in all the assessed areas is critical. The assessment found the most pressing humanitarian issue to be inadequate water for domestic consumption. Health was prioritized second, followed by education and two locations prioritized food security and livelihoods ahead of education. Though there was a clear need for shelter and non-food items in some of the IDP communities, they did not classify them as urgent interventions.
Assessment Report: 
Assessment Questionnaire: 
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Tatsuya Oniki
Assessment Date(s): 
04 Feb 2018 to 08 Jun 2018

Level of Representation

District / Province / Locality / County
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Population Type(s): 
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Government of Sudan - Humanitarian Aid Commission
International Organization for Migration
World Health Organization
CARE International
Save The Children
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Population Fund
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Mercy Corps
United Nations Development Programme
World Food Programme
United Nations Children's Fund
Concern Worldwide
El Abassiya