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Syrian Arab Republic: IDP and Spontaneous Returnee Movements - 31 December 2019 [EN/AR/TR]

IDP Movements (December updates)

In December 2019, the humanitarian community tracked about 308,200 IDPs movements across Syria. The vast majority of these movements were recorded as people fled from their communities in the southern parts of Idleb governorate to other parts of Idleb governorate or to Aleppo governorate due to the escalation of hostilities. Most of those who were in displaced December -about 214,500 movements- chose to move to other areas within Idleb governorate. The second largest population movement recorded in December 2019 was in Aleppo governorate with around 84,000 movements, including 81,900 people arriving from Idleb governorate and 2,100 IDPs from within Aleppo governorate. The third largest movement in December was recorded in Al-Hasakeh governorate with about 5,000 movements of which 4,800 movements from within the governorate while the rest were from Ar-Raqqa governorate to Al-Hasakeh. Ar-Raqqa is the fourth governorate with around 2,100 movements which are all from within Ar-Raqqa governorate.

IDP Return Movements (December updates)

In December 2019, the humanitarian community recorded about 27,000 spontaneous IDP returnees in different locations across Syria. The majority of these returns were recorded within Aleppo governorate with 9,200 returns. The second largest return movement were to Deir-ez-Zor governorate with around 3,400 returnees, about 1,500 of which returned from within the governorate and about 1,400 returnees from Al-Hasakeh governorate. Ar-Raqqa governorate received the third largest number of IDP returnees with 3,100 spontaneous returns, about 2,800 of which returned from Aleppo governorate, with some 250 returnees from Al-Hasakeh and Ar-Raqqa governorates. Al-Hasakeh, Rural Damascus, Hama and Dar'a governorates come forth with around 2,000 returns which are all from within governorates.
- The returns refer to IDP spontaneous returns and do not necessarily follow the global definitions of ‘Returnees’ or durable solutions for IDPs.
- The IDP spontaneous returns include IDPs returning to their homes or communities of origin.
- The IDP spontaneous returns term used in this monthly report refers to the return movements occurred in the reported period only.
- The process of verification is based on triangulation of verified IDP spontaneous returns reported by different mechanisms and further examined by the IDP TF through cross-checking population numbers from previous years.

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