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Syria Protection Cluster (Turkey): Response Snapshot (as of 31 December 2019)


GP) In December 2019 , 14 Protection Cluster members provided emergency response services for civilians displaced from Idleb and Aleppo due to the ongoing hostilities
. Cluster members provided 24,415 protection interventions to IDPs and affected host community members in 70 communities within 16 sub-districts in Idleb and Aleppo
reaching 9,229 individuals (2,674 girls, 2,306 boys, 2,462 women, and 1,787 men). The main services protection actors provided are as follows: i) Psychological First Aid
and Psychosocial Support ii) Information sharing about other services iii) Child Protection and GBV case management iv) Dignity kits distribution v) Risk education.
Cluster members also referred individuals to other basic services, notably to health and shelter.
GBV) During December, GBV SC members continued to engage in the emergency response and were able to provide 13,674 specialized GBV services in 45
communities/neighborhoods across northwest Syria. They were also able to reach 32,367 women, girls, boys and men with GBV prevention and empowerment activities.
In addition, 71 GBV and other 79 humanitarian actors were trained on different GBV related topics.
GBV actors continued to distribute dignity kits, reaching 17,012 women and girls of reproductive age through 15 GBV SC members.
The provision of dignity kit distribution gives GBV SC partners the ability to provide other essential protection services such as referral to urgent services (medical and
legal), PFA, individual protection assistance and information about available services with emphasis on how these services should be free of charge to prevent sexual
exploitation and abuse.
MA) The recent increase in conflict in North West Syria is adding an additional layer of explosive hazard contamination in the area and increasing vulnerabilities of
civilians who may flee fighting and unknowingly enter areas already contaminated by explosive hazards. The MA SC is working closely with partners to deliver risk
education through outreach teams and raising awareness to these vulnerable IDPs.
CP) Due to the latest escalation of violence in northwest Syria especially in Ma’arrat An-Nu’man and Saraqab started from the 10th of December, over 95,000 children
pay the highest toll of this emergency. Child protection sub-cluster members respond to 45 unaccompanied and separated children were identified since the 15th of
December 2019. All of these children were separated temporarily when moving from Ma’arrat Nu’man to the North of Idleb. All cases of separated children identified
under these circumstances were reunified with their caregivers. also Child protection sub-cluster members distributed 2,005 winterization kits for children, 1,149
blankets, 108,650 bracelets for children and adults to prevent children separation and 66 recreational kits to conduct activities to 5,940 children through child protection
mobile teams and static centers.


GBV) GBV specialized services are still not available in 1641 communities in NW Syria, mostly due to limited funding. Additional resources are needed to support GBV
prevention and response with a particular focus on vulnerable groups such as adolescent girls, widows, and divorced women, persons with disability as well as men and
boys that have experienced sexual violence.
MA) There is a need for broad expansion of survey and clearance efforts across the country. There is also a huge unmet need in terms of assistance to survivors, many of
whom have sustained life long
CP) The basic needs of displaced children and their caregivers not covered and child protection case management emergency funds targeting children is insufficient. In
such a situation, the children are at risk of many protection concerns such as child recruitment, child marriage and worst forms of child labor. This is likely to be
predominant in most displaced people crowded locations such as in Dana sub-district of Harim district, Atareb sub-district of Jebel Saman district and Idlib district.
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01 Jan 2020
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