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Syria IDP and Returnee Movements - October 2018

IDP Movements

During the month of October, the humanitarian community tracked 64,160 displacements across Syria. The largest IDPs arrival of (37,000) were noticed in Aleppo governorate  representing the IDPs arrival to the governorate from Hama and Idleb.  This movement came as a result Sochi agreement of the De-Militarized Zone in Idleb agreed upon on September 17, 2018 by the Turkish and the Russian governments.   However, throughout the month of October, especially during the second half of the month, the humanitarian community tracked about (14,000) IDPs arrived to Idleb due to a relatively calm environments as the ceasefire was in effect and the DMZ area was cleared from heavy weapons.  In addition, the IDPs in other major provinces, such as Deir ez-Zor, Lattakia, Ar-Raqqa and Al-Hasaka IDPs have been moving in relatively small numbers in quest of better humanitarian conditions. 


IDP Spontaneous Returns

During the month of October, the humanitarian community have tracked (109,525) spontaneous IDPs returnees in several areas in Syria that have been relatively quiet area.  Partially due to the implementation of the Sochi Agreement of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Idleb, which encouraged temporarily displaced people to return to their original areas of residence, and mainly due stabilization efforts in northern Aleppo in Afrin, Azaz, Jarablus, and Al Bab.  In addition, the IDPs return movement to major towns in Rural Damascus and Dar’a were seemingly due to the starts of schools season and civilians were more inclined to presume their day to day life.


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20 Nov 2018
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