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Syria: Health Cluster Turkey Hub: health indicators report - November 2018

90% of the active health partners reported [45/50].
67 of the sub districts reached in six governorates (Idleb, Aleppo,Hama, Lattakia,Ar-Raqqa and Al-Hasakeh).


Near 882 K outpatient consultations provided by the health partners, showing a decrease of 12% as compared to previous month, 14% of the total provided by mobile services.


Near 902 K medical procedures provided. 8% of the total served in hard to reach areas.


Near 39,000 trauma cases treated and over 8,600 major surgeries were conducted. Near 1,339 of the trauma cases treated were war related trauma cases.
Over 7,700 cases referred for specialized/secondary health care. 9% of the cases referred to Turkey.


8,970 deliveries assisted by skilled birth attendant. Of them 26% by cesarean sections.

World Health Organization
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20 Dec 2018
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