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Turkey | Syria: Humanitarian Dashboard - Cross Border Response (Jan - Dec 2018)

About humanitarian dashboard

The 2018 humanitarian dashboard for Turkey cross border operation in Syria presents humanitarian needs, gaps and response delivered between Jan and Dec 2018. It is one of the essential tools that is used to monitor and report progress on humanitarian activities based on cluster key critical indicator. According to the cluster response data (4Ws) of Jan-Dec 2018,151 sub-districts (1,201 communities and by 9 clusters) was reached from Turkey. The estimated inter-sector reach in 2018 was about 3.1 million people. 739 communities were reached consistently (at least 5 months), and 459 communities were reached by at least 4 clusters during this year. The number of sub-district reached by the clusters started reducing consistently from 117 to 87 due to the change in control in 2018.  

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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30 Apr 2019
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Public Information and Advocacy
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2019