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Turkey Humanitarian Fund Annual Report 2016

In line with the strategic objective to provide support to life-saving and life-sustaining activities while filling critical funding gaps for the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Turkey Humanitarian Fund (THF) developed its Standard Allocation Strategies to provide funding towards the key priorities of the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 2016 (HRP). Overall in 2016, the THF disbursed a total of $93.3 million to 143 projects and 37 per cent of the total funds were provided to fund the projects of national NGOs. This makes HF Turkey one of the largest and nearly only direct funding source for Syrian national NGOs based in Turkey and working cross border inside Syria.

The THF has two separate funding modalities, the Standard Allocation which is conducted twice a year in line with the SRP Humanitarian Program Cycle and the Reserve Allocation, launched by the DRHC in consultation the Clusters in cases of unexpected emergencies or to respond the critical gaps in the humanitarian response. In line with the CBPFs guidelines, HF Turkey conducts a participatory, flexible, timely and efficient allocation process. Allocation papers for both Standard and Reserve are developed in close consultation with the Clusters and the Advisory Board. In 2016 the Turkey HF launched a total of five Allocations; two "Standard Allocations" launched in March and August and three "Emergency Reserve Allocations" to respond to unplanned emergencies as result of increased fighting in northern districts along the Turkish border, including Azaz and Afrin (February 2016), Aleppo and Idleb (July 2016) and Aleppo and Ar Raqqa contingency plans (December 2016). In total 52 per cent of the funds ($48.5 million) were disbursed to 96 Standard Allocation projects and the remaining 48 per cent ($44.5 million) were disbursed through 47 Reserve Allocations projects.

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01 Jun 2017
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Annual Report
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