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Turkey Cross-Border: [HeRAMS] Health Resources Availability Monitoring System 3rd quarter 2018 report- Turkey Hub health cluster

 There are 72 managing and supporting health partners reported in this quarter.  452 Health facilities reported compared to 440 in June2018, 377 HFs functional are compared to 370 in the previous quarter. 82 (22%) are Hospitals, 163 (43%) are fixed PHCs, 69 (18%) are mobile clinics, 45 (12%) *specialized care facility while 18 (5%) ** others health facilities.

 • Out of total functioning health facilities reported, 59% of facilities are in Idleb, 38% in Aleppo,2% in Hama, while about 1% in each of Al-Hasakeh and Lattakia and no report this quarter from Dar’a and Quneitra as per the changes in the ground.
As compare to the previous quarter:

• Increase in the number of the supported hospitals from 77 to 82.

• Increase in the number of fixed PHCs from 159 to 163.

• Slight decrease in the number of reported mobile clinics from 73 to 69.

• Increase in the specialized care facility from 41 to 45.

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World Health Organization
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20 Oct 2018
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