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Syrian Arab Republic | Flash Update: Recent Developments in North-western Syria As of 07 May 2019

Syrian Arab Republic | Flash Update: Recent Developments in North-western Syria  As of 07 May 2019


  • Due to the intensification of hostilities throughout northern Hama and southern Idlib governorates in the period between 29 April and 5 May 2019, over 150,000 people fled the area in search of safety. The protection of civilians remains the biggest concern. 
  • Shelling, airstrikes and active fighting in and around over 50 villages in northern rural Hama and southern Idlib caused destruction of at least 10 schools, leading to the suspension of education activities.  
  • Between 29 April and 6 May, at least twelve health facilities were hit by airstrikes in northern Hama and Idlib Governorates, damaging health infrastructure that provided essential health services to over 100,000 people. 
  • Between 28 April and 6 May, airstrikes and shelling caused at least 80 civilian fatalities and over 300 injuries. Three health workers with humanitarian organizations are among those
  • reportedly killed by airstrikes.  
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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07 May 2019
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Situation Report
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2020