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Situation Report 7: Recent Developments in Northwestern Syria as of 12 July 2019


• High levels of violence continued in northwest Syria in the last two weeks and is putting civilians at risk and impeding the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Hundreds of people have died as the result of the escalation in violence since the end of April, including several humanitarian workers. 

• Humanitarian response is ongoing with hundreds of thousands of people receiving critical assistance essential for their survival. Violence in areas directly affected by conflict is driving displacement into densely-populated areas, putting a strain on service delivery for humanitarian actors. A joint assessment is currently being finalized that will provide an overview of needs in the most affected areas.

• Civilian infrastructure, including humanitarian facilities, continues to be damaged or destroyed in the violence. In the last two weeks, at least four medical facilities have been impacted by the violence, with several other unconfirmed reports, as well as a water station serving over 80,000 people, and several schools, IDP settlements, markets and bakeries. 


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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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12 Jul 2019
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Situation Report
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2020