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Situation Report #27: Recent Developments in Northwest Syria and RATAA (as of 18 June 2021)


  1. Cross-border assistance continues to rely on UN aid deliveries enabled through the Security Council Resolution. In May, 979 UN trucks delivered cross-border assistance to northwest Syria through the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing.
  2. The COVID-19 vaccination program for northwest Syria began on 1 May, covering over 21,900 health care and social workers as of 14 June. The number of new cases remained low during the reporting period although a slight upwards trend can be observed.
  3. After more than ten years of conflict, improving shelter conditions remains a top priority in northwest Syria, with more funding required for innovative solutions that better support people in protracted situations of displacement.
  4. The SYP has stabilized in May, but the economic crisis continues to drive humanitarian needs.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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18 Jun 2021
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Situation Report
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021