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Cash-for-Work Recommended Minimum Actions| Apr. 2021

This guidance is a product of wide consultations and collaboration among humanitarian organisations with experience implementing Cash-for-Work (CFW) in Northwest Syria and members of the Cash Working Group (CWG) and the Early Recovery and Livelihoods (ERL) Cluster.

A Task Force was established to finalize this draft, co-led by IRC and WATAN, and with substantive input from: CARE International, IMDAT, Maram, Shafak, Takaful Al-Sham, UNDP, and the Whole of Syria CashCap Advisor. The final output will be endorsed by the broader humanitarian community in NWS as an ICCG-wide operational tool and will be updated periodically by the CWG.

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Cash Working Group (Turkey Cross Border)
Original Publication Date: 
26 May 2021
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Syrian Arab Republic
Cash Transfer Programming
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2022