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FSL Cluster - Northwest Syria: Newly Displaced IDPs Assessment Report - 23 DECEMBER 2020 [EN]

Subject/Objective: The objective of this assessment was to determine the food security and livelihoods situation of Newly Displaced IDPs (NIDPs) and host families in Northwest Syria (NWS). Newly Displaced refers to the almost one million IDPs forced to flee their homes between December 2019 and March 2020 due to the intensification of hostilities in the region, and Host Families refers to households who have taken NIDPs into their home.

Methodology: A mixed-methods approach was applied where quantitative data was gathered from 747 households and qualitative data collected from 50 Key Informants. Household surveys were designed to be representative of all NIDPs and host families across 28 subdistricts in NWS. The qualitative aspect of 50 Key Informant Interviews was conducted with representatives of the IDP, Traders, NGO and Host Communities.

Key Findings: 

-Food insecurity amongst the Newly IDPs (mostly displaced from January to April 2020) and their host families is urgent i.e. 40.7% of all NIDP and host family households are food insecure and in need of assistance, 40.7% had experienced Hunger in the month prior to the survey, and 40.4% of households had unacceptable food consumption.

-Income sources are rare in Northwest Syria, while vulnerable people rely more on credit for food, increasing the amount of debt burden by each household.   

-Child labour and worker exploitation is reported by all as endemic to the area.

-The devaluation of Syrian Pound (SYP) and the current pandemic COVID-19 have created further instability in NW Syria.

-The winter months are now here and household expenditure will significantly increase on other survival needs such as shelter, fuel and clothes.

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Food Security and Livelihoods - Turkey Cross Border
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23 Dec 2020
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Assessment Report
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021